A. Kim. Guarding the fire of the mind…//Каzakhstanskaya Pravda – 2012 – May, 10

I’m very close to Kazakh culture. Many years ago in Moscow Rollan Seysenbayev came to me with his friend – young writer Oralkhan Bokey. He was no mush younger than I was. Rollan gave me to read his translations, and when I personally got acquainted with Oralkhan Bokey, I saw gorgeous artist and writer. Since then I began translate his works. For myself I defined him as Kazakh Knut Hamsun. I very mad he died in so early ages.


I like the shape. I came in literature from art, when everyone were impressed by impressionists, postimpressionists, Picasso’s and Salvador Dali’s art. And for us, young artists, the main problem was to create something new.


In Kazakh and Russian literature there is something similar. This is an interest to man. For example, Gumilev: his philosophy of passionarity and Eurasianship came from this spiritual kinship of Steppe and Russia.


Now I hold magazine «Amanat» in my hands, published by Rollan Seysenbayev. This magazine is in Russian and here all the representatives of world literature are included. All writers that had a hand in creating great literature of XX century, based on development language continents.


Literature of XX century in its classic meaning is a literature of language systems. All alike writers are included: Ernest Hemingway, Abish Kekilbayev, Jorge Luis Borges, Hermann Hesse, Kōbō Abe, John Updike, García Márquez and other more. I’m glad that there is such publication in Kazakhstan.


That, which in XX century was vanguard and know-how, now is classic of the highest level.


In magazine I see the same way of XX century’s classic works selection as it was in popular in Soviet times magazine «Inostrannaya pravda». This is a great achievement for Kazakh culture, which knows both Kazakh and Russian free. Bilingualism is huge advantage for man. And country, in which bilingualism is, according such publications as «Amanat» takes a lot of valuable from the world culture. It’s all stays in country and Kazakh culture enriches. This is the power of Abay’s International club, magazine «Amanat», spiritual and human boisterousness of Rollan Seysenbayev. He is like Prometey guards the fire of humans’ mind. He doesn’t care of himself, but cares of literature and culture of his nation a lot. Such creatures are in lack. In Kazakstan he is the one and only.