Oralkhan Bokeyev spoke English

Oralkhan Bokeyev’s contribution to the treasury of Kazakh literature is invaluable.


The main purpose of the international Kazakh PEN-club is the promotion of the Kazakh literature abroad. During the last years it translated and published in English speaking countries about ten books of Kazakh classics: “Избранные” by Mukagali Makatayev, the story “Меня зовут Кожа” by Berdibek Sokpakbayev, the novel “”Конец легенды” by Abish Kekilbayev, “Код слова” by Olzhas Suleimenov,  the novel “Одинокая юрта” by Smagul Yelubayev, “Избранные” by Gerold Berger, “Красавица в трауре” (novels and stories) by Mukhtar Auezov and others. This seria was published by the name “We are Kazakhs”.



On February 23 in Astana in Astana Marriott Hotel the international PEN-club held a big conference devoted to publishing in England a selected works of Kazakh prosaist  and playwright Oralkhan Bokeyev. The English masters of translation Simon Hollingsworth and Simon Geighan translated his book “Человек-Олень”. They arrived at Astana to take part in this conference.



The participants of the conference listened to the report of Bigelda Gabdullin, the President of the international Kazakh PEN-club about creative work of Oralkhan Bokeyev, prosaist Alibek Askarov about the role of O. Bokeyev in Kazakh literature, his influence on the young generation of Kazakh writers, reminiscences of colleagues Kadyrbek Segizbayev, Kuanyshbay Kurmangaliyev, the head of JSC “Kazakhtelekom”, that was the sponsor of the project.


The audience was interested to learn from the interpreters about the creative translation laboratory, about the style and philosophical researches of the author.



Other speakers raised the actual guestions about the responsibility of the artist to the humanity and to our society.


Source: https://informburo.kz/stati/oralhan-bokeev-zagovoril-na-angliyskom.html