Sons go further

In the prose of young Kazakhstan more distinctly sounds clear and strong voice of Oralkhan Bokey, whose creative career and writer research takes readers’ attention. If in his first two books lyric stories still include elements of sketches and etudes, in last ones O. Bokey tries to show the whole life. Young writer is more and more interested in theme of actual difficulties, men’s characters, integrity.


Civil stableness, nobel audacity, active involvement of contemporaries in social life are always on author’s mind.


Story «Gde zhe ty, Zherebenok?» Kazakh critics noticed before it was published: on the republican competition of works about young people of the time he took the first prize.


What is this story about?


This is about old postman Bukenbay, collective farm founder, his son Oral, who came from town to father.


Author is interested in moral position of the characters, he deep in their inner world, shares their sorrows and joy.


For the first glance, story is poor on events. Son goes together with his father to grasslands. Old Bukenbay carries posts and tells the son stories about life of every met on the way man, history of the village, collective farm, tells his thoughts and problems.


Alone with father, who has great life experience, Oral thinks about future of native lands. Forests destruction, preparation of deer antlers hurt him: he associates it with loss of spiritual values, which were close to his nation for long times.


With heightened attention Oral listens to his father thinking seriously about life for the first time. We compares biography of father with his own, past with future, town mode of life with rich nature of Altay mountains and men’s attitude to it. Bukenbay shows to son that valuable to him, passes the keys to future, he began to create.


Son got acquainted with friends and enemies of the father, discovered his steadfast will of communist, and realized that people, like his father, bring happiness.


Oralkhan Bokey showed inner world of his characters. It is interesting to learn about character of Bukenbay’s the best friend and enemy at the same time – Analyk and Sarkyndy. Meeting with first one wakes up in Oral high moral impulse, life of the second one convinced him in moral fatality.


Pages devoted to Sarkyndy are the most impressive in whole story. For Bokey this is figure is creative success. The last man of regent line, Sarkyndy before death feels defeated and life wasted.


Confident in the youth dombra player, fine sabyzga player, because of the hatred on Soviet power stoped playing, keeps clan’s secret, orders to kill belonged to his family thoroughbred foal born with the star. «Kill your enemy or your close», – this is Sarkyndy’s words left to people.


Story «Gde zhe ty, Zherebenok?» Is written in lyric-novel genre, filled with bright and colorful nature descriptions.


Now Oralkan Bokey as an artist showed his potential talent, which gives the right of search  and becoming mature creative individuality.


А. Nysanalin Characteristic. Аlmaty. — 1983